December 18, 2013

I hope everyone enjoys The Rock Opera Orchestras version of this great Puccini aria; it certainly is one of my favorites. This aria made me fall in love with Pavarotti's voice the first time I saw him sing it live when I was a little boy. Our version of this great piece really defines who I am and what I have become as a rock/opera artist!

Many thanks to the entire crew at Chris Gabello Photography for their great work, my lovely "co-star" Holly Nelson, the rock stars in the band, and the lovely ladies of the orchestra. You make me feel so proud to share the stage with all of you. Many more thanks to the men and women at VMG music and to the boys at CEN/SONY/Red, and last, but certainly not least, to my manager, Mr. David Novik. "Look, Ma, we made a video!"

Alexander Kariotis and the Rock Opera Orchestra - "Nessun Dorma - No One Sleeps"
Album: Due out 2014
Label: Creative Entertainment Network
Director: Christopher Gabello

Instagram: @AlexKariotis1

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