It's wonderful!

ALEXANDER KARIOTIS and the ROCK OPERA ORCHESTRA, is a weird, but stirring experience: a crazy mix of pop, classical and dewop, with a string section, three wah wah girls with operatic voices, a classical flutist, and an imaginative opera Tenor as the core.

They are eleven highly professional, earnest, focused, fine musicians, and totally engaging as they vigorously play and sing in this bizarre mix.

It's wonderful!

Then there's the celestial choir section featuring the three women vocalists, and sliding into old-timey rock and roll.

There is a lovely section from the opera "Manon" violin and Tenor, with choreographed sirens.

Staging and choreography by Judy Jacksina beautifully fulfills Kariotis's vision with sharp, clever, sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, actions and movements.

Not since The Serendipity Singers of folk music in the 60's and 70's, or "Tommy" by The Who, has a big band come along with this potential for universal joyous communication.

The mixture of classical and now is fascinating, and it's a privilege to be in the presence of a group this good.

Richmond Shepard, Performing Arts Insider
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