ELJ Live Concert Review

If you like your opera with flutes, cellos, violins, guitars, and even tambourines juiced with lots of electricity, ALEXANDER KARIOTIS and the Rock Opera Orchestra has one heck of a concert for you. Kariotis has taken compositions by the masters, added a pulsating beat, injected folk/rock arrangements, and stirred it all up with high energy and spirited execution. In most instances he starts out in the traditional operatic form and mid-song blows it all to smithereens ending with a full-out crescendo.

Alexander Kariotis has an amazing operatic voice, and when he and the Rock Opera Orchestra are in sync, they are a force to be reckoned with. It's a big sound and the Rock Opera Orchestra needs a big venue. There's a great deal of innovation, creativity and talent here.

Laurie Lawson, ELectronic Link Journey
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