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October 14, 2014
Jeff Maziarek / Elmhurst, IL
Congratulations on such an amazing body of work Alexander. I met you at your house when you were a just a youngster decades ago. I knew your brother very well at the time and used to attend shows that he was performing in. He was not only an incredible singer and musician, but also a truly wonderful person. I have no doubt that his powerful Spirit is looking down at your life with great pride and joy for the person you have become, and the amazing work you are doing on many fronts. My best wishes to you for the best of everything in your music career and for the causes you support.
August 24, 2014
Janelle Mettler / California
Our mutual friend, Jon Augustine linked to your site on a facebook post about ALS donations. I bought the digital album and listened to the whole thing immediately. During the opera parts I kept falling a little in love :)
August 17, 2014
tim munro / ocean city, md
Stopped into the Hard Rock on a business trip to Chicago and was blown away. What a well put together group of musicians topped off with Alexander's pipes! Huge metal fan, went in skeptical , but was very impressed. The live experience was awesome!
August 14, 2014
Crystal Newton / Vero Beach, FL
Alexander Kariotis -- Performed the National Anthem at the Chicago Cubs game today -- 8/14/14!! OUTSTANDING VOCALS!!! I was VERY impressed! Apparently, he is a Rock Opera star. While I have never liked rock music of any kind, I do love a good, rich and powerful voice such as was evident when Mr. Kariotis sang our National Anthem at Wrigley Field! So glad I did not miss that! (I am trying to find a recording of this performance to share on Facebook!! ;)

Thank you, Mr. Kariotis, for doing our National Anthem proud! So many young artists "murder" it, but your rendition would make ANY soldier or Veteran, or any patriotic citizen such as myself (Air Force brat) PROUD!!!